Cannabis & Cupping

Summer Special
Two of our best offerings in one service! Our CBD infused cannabis balm is both pain relieving and anti-inflammatory. Add cupping therapy and you have a powerful deep treatment*

45 minutes$55

*must be 21 or older

Therapeutic Massage

Our therapeutic massage sessions focus on healing injuries, managing pain, and restoring function. Your therapist will apply techniques that are restful for you while providing long-term benefits. Therapeutic Massage is billed at $32 per 15 minutes and 60 minute appointments may be covered under your medical insurance, motor vehicle accident coverage or a workers’ compensation claim.

30 minutes$64
60 minutes$128
90 minutes$192

Package Pricing

For the best deal package 3 Therapeutic Massage sessions (within 4 months) and save up to 50%.

30 minutes$105
60 minutes$195
90 minutes$285

Pregnancy & Postnatal Massage

Massage Therapy is extremely effective for the discomforts of pregnant and postnatal women. It has been shown to reduce swelling, increase elasticity and range of motion of muscles and joints, and stimulate circulation to both mother and baby. It is a wonderful way to prepare the body for birthing, as well as assisting in body adjustments after the baby arrives.

60 minutes$128
90 minutes$192


A gentle technique that can provide profoundly deep results. We work with the CranioSacral system including the central nervous system and cerebral spinal fluid to calm the nervous system, ease headaches & migraines and reduce stress in the body.

60 minutes$85

Chair Massage

Let the chair and therapist come to you! Chair massage is available for offices and special events starting at $80/hr.

A chair massage is an ideal solution for the individual with limited time, a preference to remain clothed or to avoid lotions and oils. The massage chair offers great access to the back, neck, and arms and is a quick way to relax, refresh, refocus and de-stress your day.

Call to schedule. 503-290-4757

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