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Welcome to Portland Massage!

At Portland Massage we believe that massage therapy is a necessary indulgence.

Our team specializes in therapeutic massage, working with those struggling with pain, recent or chronic injuries, lack of mobility or other physical dysfunctions.

Your appointment will be with one of our highly trained Licensed Massage Therapists and may include Deep Tissue techniques, Myofascial & Swedish Massage, Assisted or Passive Stretching, Hot/Cold therapy, Cupping Therapy, topical pain relievers, and other techniques.

Even though stress relief and relaxation are not the focus of our sessions, most of our clients find the style of therapeutic massage we offer to be extremely relaxing.

We accept cash, checks and credit cards but keep in mind that Therapeutic Massage is often covered due to a recent motor vehicle collision, workplace injury, or by your medical insurance carrier. Many insurance companies are now covering massage therapy with a small copay being your only responsibility. More information is available on our insurance page.

Frequently Asked Questions

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